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2019 Meritage

2019 Meritage
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Greeted by a glittering ruby-red color as the wine left the bottle neck and splashed into the glass,
imminent enjoyment was strongly suggested.
Spicy black pepper and sage aromas are first up leading to the center stage of baked plums, pencil lead,
and a refined kiss of French oak. A little like a teenager in the morning, the wine is a little reluctant to
wake up. But after more swirling, and after 15-20 minutes has elapsed, the glass fills with multiple
elements. After about 30 minutes the scent of pure blackberries steals the spotlight.
Juiciness is the winning adjective to describe the first impressions. Berry pie flavors predominate leaving
a textural stickiness coating the mouth after the wine has been swallowed. An excellent creamy mid-palate
is followed by cleansing acidity. Most wine enjoyers will be seized with an urge to take another sip!
Plenty of soft and integrated tannin promises a long-lived wine. But, this wine is screaming out to party
now with your favorite roast or grilled protein.

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