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2018 Meritage

2018 Meritage
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In the glass, the first noteworthy characteristic of this wine is it's sparkling red color, not dissimilar to that
of the rare red spinel gemstone. Many use the garnet to describe a wine's color. This actually isn't a great
compliment to a concentrated red wine such as this one. A garnet is an inferior gem to the spinel. Nothing
inferior about this wine.
The aromatics present a ripely fruited wine with complimentary scents of vanilla, brown butter, and
brandy glazed cherries. With additional swirling, or gentle oxidation which the swirling creates, more
characteristics are released. First detected are notes of cardamom, soy, red meat, and a hint of sweet
The wine enters the mouth with fullness and roundness. The required tannins are feathery, integrated, and
contribute a lingering mouthcoating experience. Accompanying the richness is a refreshing finish due to
appropriate meal enhancing acidity.
Flavors of poached strawberries, blackberry coulis, and spicy oak are noticed first. With additional air
time the wine evolves into a gourmet gastrique-like ingredient who's addition to a daube would transform
that daube into top tier. The time in bottle has created a wonderful umaminess.

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