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2016 Meritage

2016 Meritage
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One of the hallmarks of an ultra-premium wine when compared to a low-priced wine produced in large
quantities is that there are so many characters and facets packed into an ultra-premium wine that the
wine frequently changes, and can change frequently within the time the bottle is uncorked, poured and
consumed with a meal. This is especially true with a young wine like the 2016 Wish Meritage.
Conversely, the mass-produced wine tends to remain the same – glass after glass. Curious wine lovers
will almost always feel more rewarded when drinking a glass of ultra-premium wine.
The 2016 Wish Meritage has a lot goin’ on and as the layers reveal themselves, if for no other reason
than it tastes good, the consumer will return for another sniff, or taste, out of curiosity to learn what
else can be discovered.
The wine is packed with a wide variety of aromatics. The initial scents are a blast of boysenberry, a light
smokiness, and beef jerky. But soon these are supplanted by a hint of vanilla, roasted grain, dried
tomatoes, and ripe sweet plum. Finally, after some swirling, notes of clove and cherry syrup make an
All of these aromatics set the stage for what’s to follow in the taste and feel category. The wine is
enticingly juicy and filled with ripe fruit flavors. As initially discussed above, the first flavors out of the
gate are in the “black” berry family, but switch intermittently to pomegranate. Adding complexity are
the irresistible caramel and brown sugar notes. But, don’t be confused. The wine is dry. The sensation
of sweetness is often misidentified as viscosity, which this wine has a pleasing amount of. The requisite
structure found in Cabernet blends is provided by gentle tannins. The oak character is very well
balanced and well-integrated into the wine. Essentially perfect.
Enjoy the 2016 Wish Meritage over the next decade – and expect it to change along the way.

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